Hospital Quality Guide Program

SCBCH 2014 Hospital Brochure

Making A Medical Decision Can Be Tough

All of us face medical decisions in our lives, some can be very difficult. With so many options out there, many consumers are left feeling clueless and afraid they‟re making the wrong choice. Care can vary from hospital to hospital. Consumers can use the South Carolina Business Coalition on Health‟s Hospital Quality guide to navigate the healthcare system, helping them to identify safe, quality healthcare.

Why Publish Quality Data?

Coalitions have an important role to play in quality initiatives. Coalitions:

In 2007, SCBCH was named a Leapfrog Regional Rollout Leader and released its first public consumer guide on health.

Measuring Performance

The Leapfrog Group works with over 50 leading medical experts to identify solutions that will improve hospital quality and safety and then gather this information from hospitals around the country. The Leapfrog Hospital Quality and Safety Survey asks hospitals to report on the steps they take to improve the quality of patient care. The Leapfrog Hospital Quality and Safety Survey asks hospitals if they adhere to the following quality and safety practices:

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