Letter from SCBCH Chair

Dear SCBCH Members:

I am pleased to report that SCBCH has had another strong year in achieving its mission to maximize the value of the dollar spent on health care. These achievements are a reflection of the mindset, ambitions, and values that have guided SCBCH since its inception, 5 years ago. It is through the collaboration and support of our member organizations that we are able to move toward our common vision of transforming the local health care market in South Carolina.

As a member of SCBCH, your organization plays a vital role in improving health care in South Carolina by collaborating with other stakeholders and driving results on the issues most important to you. Here are just a few of the benefits your organization gains from being a member:

 Information – Information is power. And as a SCBCH member, you receive information on current health care issues and future trends. The Coalition brings together decision makers, experts, and data that will help you with long-term strategic planning, while addressing the practical issues that impact health care today. Employer members have applied the principles and practices shared through the Coalition and implemented programs and interventions that have demonstrated measureable outcomes. These programs, including disease management, onsite clinical services, and face to face health coaching, have proven to reduce overall population risks and costs.

 Quality Improvement – Quality performance information can be used by a variety of stakeholders to improve care, monitor outcomes, and align incentives. Decreasing variation through quality measurement and improvement programs will encourage efficiency throughout the health care system. Since the initial roll-out of the Leapfrog Hospital Quality Survey, there have been significant improvements in hospital quality across the state. Hospitals nationwide that participate in the survey achieve hospital-wide improvements that translate into millions of lives and dollars saved.

 Community Impact – The Coalition is committed to building long lasting partnerships that generate a positive impact to South Carolina. We have dedicated resources to instilling healthier behaviors in future generations through the partnership with a local school. We have also invested in the expansion of affordable access for individuals and small businesses through the potential development of a CO-OP. These changes and improvements brought about by SCBCH and its members, result in an improved health care system for the whole community.

Let me close by expressing my pride in the members of this Coalition for bringing us to this point. And I trust you share our excitement about the future these collaborative relationships can bring to becoming the forefront of positive change that will help us and our employees become wiser consumers of health care.


Annmarie Higgins
SCBCH Board Chair

301 University Ridge
Suite 5050
Greenville, SC 29601

(O) 864.467.3255
(F) 864.463-3258
Website: www.scbch.org